The Global Partnership Group G.P.G Limited was incorporated with the merger of various existing business interests and future ideas under one ‘corporate umbrella holding company’ headquartered and managed in Cyprus. Today GPG does have several privately held subsidiaries and shareholdings (directly or via common stockholders) in several countries and is expanding. Several investments and assets are currently held by GPG Trading FZE, an onshore Free-zone company near Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, The Global Partnership Group GPG Latin America SAS provides expert IT development and project management resource in English and Spanish worldwide.

The GPG core business is software, services and people. GPG’s clients include major financial institutions, software companies, government and is a supplier for European Union projects.

The vision of its founder Andronicos ‘Zed’ was to create an international organization where the sum of the parts are greater than the whole. Its ‘parts’ being the employees, partners and other gifted human assets who have specific expertise and a successful entrepreneurial track record that share the same philosophy and vision. Expertise to help your organization’s vision come to life. Human assets you could tap into in whole or in part.

GPG’s network of world class professionals from the public and private sectors have held executive positions at multinational corporations, had diplomatic credentials, worked at the United Nations, undertaken projects for the European Union and been partners at global consulting and auditing firms. Each partner has their own international networks. One is even an internationally accomplished Cypriot artist. This, their impressive array of backgrounds and their wealth of experience can be tapped into to build bridges for your organization in the strictest of confidence. Learn more?


Andronicos: Founder/ CEO /Managing Director

Andronicos is a senior executive with 30 years of management, sales and international consultancy experience. His consulting and business development career has included IT advisory roles with major financial institutions, car manufacturers, airlines, and software companies such as the infraWise/IRC Group, operating worldwide. Andronicos, an entrepreneur, has created successful sales, consultancy and training companies, and taught a number of specialized courses for IBM Europe. He has worked on behalf of the Cyprus Republic and at the United Nations New York. Andronicos has established patents for payment processes and technologies and is an Accredited Mediator in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Andronicos lives in Cyprus.

Michael Page: Senior Vice President

Michael is a senior executive with over 30 years management, consulting and board advisory experience in leading financial institutions, technology companies, and consulting firms in the UK, USA and Middle East, including Accenture, IBM Global Services, Hewlett Packard and JP Morgan Chase. He is experienced in marketing, business development, commercial negotiations, deal structuring, business planning, investment advisory and program management. His industry sector experience includes financial services, technology, real estate and telecommunications. Michael is resident in Cyprus.

Giles Catchpole: Director Corporate Finance

Giles has over thirty-five years’ experience of corporate and project finance. He has worked in corporate and project finance for a predecessor of HSBC Investment Bank, Anglo American Corporation of South Africa, Citibank (Johannesburg), Citicorp Investment Bank in London, and Indosuez Asia (Hong Kong) where he was Managing Director. His experience covered international mergers and acquisitions, fund management products, direct investment and project finance. He was a founder of Oriental & African, a private investment and consultancy business focused on emerging markets, particularly those of the Indian Ocean region, in which capacity he advised entities in India, Nigeria, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, China and Jamaica. These entities included early stage projects as well as public companies and covered a range of industries including music, oil, banking (the founding of a sharia compliant bank of which he was Deputy Chairman of the Audit Committee), land and resort development and global commercialization of an industrial recycling process. Giles obtained a BA Hons in Middle Eastern History and Arabic from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and qualified as a Chartered Accountant having served articles with Coopers & Lybrand.

Robert Cosby: Director Project Finance

Following time in the construction sector, working for Wimpey, Robert has over thirty five years’ experience in international and investment banking, having worked for Bankers Trust, American Express in London in international corporate and project finance. He was responsible for a large variety of projects including hotels, property developments, roads and infrastructure as well as mining and manufacturing operations in South East Asia, India, Sri Lanka, the Middle East and Europe. He subsequently established and managed The People’s Merchant Bank for the Government of Sri Lanka and was Chief Executive of Guinness Mahon Asia in Singapore from 1985 to 1988. Since then he was a co-founder of Oriental & African, a private investment and consultancy business focused on emerging markets, particularly those of the Indian Ocean region, in which capacity he advised entities in India, Nigeria, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, China and Jamaica. These entities included early stage projects as well as public companies and covered a range of industries including music, oil, banking, land and resort development and global commercialization of an industrial recycling process. Robert obtained a BSc (Hons) in Civil Engineering from the City University, London and a Sloan Fellowship in Business Studies from the London Business School.

Prof Andreas Makris PhD

Andreas is Cypriot and an internationally respected academic, author and scholar in the educational field, formerly Dean of Faculty and currently Vice-Rector at The European University, Cyprus. He holds a PhD from the University of Patra (Greece), a M.Ed (University of Cardiff, UK) and a B.Ed (Western Australia College), with further qualifications from Nottingham University, UK and Harvard University, USA. Andreas holds the 2002 Alcuin Award from the European Parents Association. His distinguished professional career includes posts as General Inspector of Primary Education, member of the Council, European University and the Cyprus representative to UNESCO. He has conducted extensive research in the areas of education and sports medicine and is the author of many books, research articles and government advisory papers. Active in sports development, Andreas is a qualified basketball referee, has been the coach of the Cyprus national youth soccer team, and has served on the committees of the National Athletic Association and Football Association, Cyprus. Andrea’s vision it to empower the students of today, to use their own talents, to become our leaders of tomorrow.

‘Tiny’ McKinney

Tiny is an accomplished marketing and communications specialist with a remarkable career spanning 20 years. After holding senior management positions in IT and media consultancies, she was drawn to communication for development and for the last 7 years has worked with EU programmes in the southern Mediterranean, often as team leader, on themes such as environment, human rights, food security and local government. She has developed award-winning awareness campaigns, and particularly enjoys the challenge of taking complex policy ideas and making them accessible to the public and the media. Trilingual, she has excellent written and oral communication skills, and regularly provides training, coaching and mentoring on all aspects of communication for development and commercial projects. She lives in Italy and Egypt with frequent trips to Cyprus.

Alkis Ieromonachou

Alkis is Cypriot and has held posts and senior diplomatic roles for the Republic of Cyprus on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia, Egypt, the EU (Brussels), and at HQ (Nicosia). He speaks four languages and currently participates part time in EU Election Observation Missions in developing nations around the world, some in recently war torn regions with security risks. A graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics, and an ex-army officer who specialized in training recruits, Alkis is a born leader with a wide range of talent to help government and corporations achieve their objectives.

Brian Lait

Brian is a British Chartered Accountant, a Doctor of Business Administration and an authority in accounting, auditing, finance best practice, business turnaround and leadership. He has lectured extensively internationally on accounting, financial and business topics. Brian co-authored the book on Venture Capital for one of the largest auditing firms in the world. If you can persuade Brian, you can persuade GPG and its partners to invest. Managing partner of Deloitte and KPMG in several countries in Europe and the Far East, Brian is an asset to any Board of directors he serves on or advises. He has a good knowledge of Spanish and lives in Cyprus.

Elaine Herdman Barker

Elaine is a leading world authority on management and leadership development and heads GPG’s executive development consulting and training services. She leads executive development and leadership classes across Europe, North Africa and America, in sectors that include energy, automotive, pharmaceuticals, high technology/IT, financial services, manufacturing, travel and the public sector. Elaine holds a MSC in Psychology (Reading University), a B.A. in History and Classical Studies (Cardiff University). Her research, commenced at the University of London, is on-going and international. Her publications include “Next Generation of Leaders”,” from “ Leadership Talks - Unifying Leadership in a Post crisis World, "Generating and Measuring Practical Differences in Leadership Performance`' and "Developmental Action-Inquiry." Elaine is resident in the UK and travels to Cyprus frequently.

Athina Antoniadou

Athina is one of the leading Cypriot artists for sculpture and painting, and well known in the region for her original work. Educated to PhD level at universities in California and Spain, Athina’s work has been exhibited at prestigious locations and sold in many countries. It is said, and even predicted, Athina will be to web graffiti what Bansky is to walls. It is an honour that Athina agreed the commission to create art for GPG and for some of our selected clients. She speaks 4 languages and lives in Cyprus and Germany.

Consultants to the Board

Dr Philip Tsappi

Philip, a Chartered Engineer, graduated from London University. After 2 years industrial postgraduate training he worked in R+D for an international UK headquartered organization. He then followed a career in academia and acted as a consultant to the Board of an international software company. Philip has several patents to his name around the world. He is advisor to the Board and its Leadership team. Philip lives in London and Cyprus.

Manuel Ricardo Avila Rincón: CEO and Board Member GPG Latin America SAS

Manuel graduated Summa Cum Laude from university and has enjoyed a successful IT career advising some of the largest international telecoms organizations in Latin America. Manuel is an expert IT project manager with advanced ITIL consulting and implementation skills. He heads R+D, and software development outsourcing on behalf of GPG. Manuel lives in Bogota Colombia with frequent client and partner visits to the USA.

Corporate relationships

Mineco (Strategic Partner)

Established in 2003, Mineco is an international group of companies headquartered in Switzerland employing over 2000 people, and is involved in three key areas: The procurement, marketing and physical movement of non-ferrous metals combined with a full range of financial markets services; The exploration and mining of non-ferrous and precious metals deposits; and Strategic investments into core metallurgical and chemical production assets.

The infraWise/IRC Group of companies (GPG strategic and support affiliation)

Established since 1983, The infraWise/IRC Group of companies headquartered in the USA, is involved in Enterprise IT service management and supplies government and multi-nationals with software and services, across all market sectors.